Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday Night Update

  • Tyrone Cornileus was planning on announcing a decision between Miami and Georgia Tech today. He has now delayed a decision and does not know when he will commit. He will look at other schools.
  • Wes Rea is on campus visiting today. That's all I have on that point right now.
  • I will try to have a list of visitors for this weekend up early next week. Lache Seastrunk is one among many that will be on the Plains. Auburn is having their one day senior mini camp and also hosting multiple unofficial visitors. This is likely the "Stars and Stripes Weekend". Trovon Reed will not be attending due to a fundraiser his sister is holding for their late mother. More info here. (Before you think about contributing, I would consider possible NCAA violations. I do not know if that is against the rules but just putting the warning out there.)
  • Seastrunk stood out in the recent 7-on-7 at Texas. He caught a 30 yard touchdown pass. I will say yes, Seastrunk was wearing a LSU shirt and USC sweatbands but says they do not indicate anything. Just dispelling rumors before they take flight.
  • DeMarco Cobbs has eliminated Auburn from his list of leaders.
  • I will hopefully be posting a conversation with LaDarius Owens and a projecting signing class soon. I would like to stress how early it is in the process so my projections should not be considered sure things. They are just players I have a good feeling about.


  1. On Cornelius, haven't heard his name mentioned lately. I assume we were looking at him for an OLB spot but feel good about where we stand now with Curry, White, and possible Owens. Do you think we'll factor into his decision?... possibly as a SS?

  2. I doubt we are in there at all...I just have had questions raised recently about him since he was planning an announcment...I think we are holding out for one (two at max) more LB, hopefully either Owens, Fortt or Mosley