Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weekend CFL Wrap Up

  • Damon Duval made 2/3 field goals with a long of 47 and 2/2 on extra points in a 21-8 Montreal win over Hamilton.
  • Prechae Rodriguez caught 3 passes for 71 yards in Hamilton's loss.
  • Tray Blackmon only had one tackle in Calgary's 48-10 win over British Columbia.


  1. Tray does not seem to be doing very well, can't say i'm not surprised

  2. Crazy, they might be playing away from him (Blackmon). I will look for more on how he's doing.

    Good for Duval. It's good that we have Auburn guys playing against one another in a pro league.

    A few years ago I remember one of our kickers was struggling just to find anywhere to play. He was trying out for the arena team in Columbus, Ga.

    So let's be glad these three guys are getting a chance to play in a league that is just a tier down from the NFL.

  3. I think Blackmon had been doing ok til this game. Prechae seems to be having a good year.