Thursday, July 30, 2009

2009 Signee Update

  • Izauea Lanier has not qualified and will enroll in at East (Mississippi) Community College.
  • Demond Washington has passed his classes and is only waiting on his transcript in order to get to Auburn.
  • Taikwon Paige failed one of his classes but is appealing the grade. If his appeal is unsuccessful, he will not be coming to Auburn this year.
  • Terrance Coleman is being delayed due to the fact he attended two other high schools in the last four years. He says he expects to be in Auburn in the next week.
  • Daren Bates is awaiting his final grade. He thinks he "killed the exam".


  1. Daren Bates will be the sleeper of the whole class.

  2. sad to see izauea not qualify wanted to see what he could do but hope the rest can qualify

  3. Good luck with that appeal Paige. I know how that works. You can pretty much count him out.

  4. Man, if I had already been through 2 years at JUCO and knew that one semester was all that it would take for me to be playing SEC football, I would be making damn sure I passed my classes. It is nearly impossible to fail a class if you actually go to all the classes. Quite a disappointment.

  5. We need Paige but oh well.

  6. I think he's appealing an older class. I beleive he passed all of his classes this semester, but just didnt get high enought grades.

  7. Lets examine the damage:

    Paige was listed as a 4* on Rivals, but that seemed fishy since his offer list was so weak. The staff also waited until the last possible moment to offer, so they saw him as a gamble. Anyway, he fails the one class he needs to play in the SEC... he was never going to cut it.

    Lanier was also a gamble, but his early offer means the staff saw more potential. If we consider Aubrey Phillips a trade off for Izauea, thats a major upgrade.

    The over signing already accounted forJames and Taylor, so we don't really have to consider them a loss.

    Daren's probably as long a shot as Izauea is (to play a significant role on the team), but I just had a better feeling about him. I think Auburn loses a something if he doesn't make it.

    We need Demond, probably at cornerback. If he doesn't make it that will feel like the biggest loss.

    We need Coleman (and Josh Jackson?) to make it. The more bodies we can throw at the defensive line to see what sticks, the better... and Coleman's highlight video is sick.

    So if the folks we feel good about make it, then doesn't look like a significant loss to academics. Aubrey Phillips replaces somebody and that is a trade I take any day. Robert Cooper replaces somebody, and he's as solid a prospect as any of the non-lineman we're losing. AND the staff will be filling the rest of 2009's 25 allotted schollies with early enrollers in next year's class (though not really next year's). As long as we don't waste the opportunity to get a new scholarship player, I think the academic attrition in this class is a non-issue.

  8. compared to years past, losing those few players is really good. I'm pretty sure the 07 class lost 10 or 11 to academics. the fact that we are probably not going to get 4 or 5 at the most, big improvement