Monday, July 27, 2009

Roby To Vandy

Wide receiver and corner back target Bradley Roby has committed to Vanderbilt. He is their 19th commitment.


  1. Boy, have times changed! I can remember when Auburn never lost a recruit to Vandy or the lower echelon schools in the SEC. Sign of the times I suppose!

  2. Vandy is the best school in the SEC. I for one am not mad at Mr. Roby. He is one of the few smart HS football players that realizes that only 3% of college player make it to the NFL. Not everything in life in football. He may have NFL talent, and if he does it will show while he is at Vandy. Good luck Mr. Roby.

    That being said if we lose Chase Hughes to Vandy I will be upset. But I think he is a silent commit.

  3. Im not hating on the kid, but our wr class will be just fine without him.

  4. I think our WR class will be the best in the nation. Kitchens, Goodwin, Richardson, Reed, and maybe Armand Williams will all be ours. Malzahn is recruiting size and speed. Not fas little guys.

    I think Roby was being recruited to be a CB.

  5. TheValourFog said

    I agree with you. I know he wants to play wide receiver and Auburn and Ohio State wanted him for CB.