Monday, July 20, 2009

More On Phillips

  • Phillips says he is currently 326 lbs.
  • He did show up at Florida State around 340 lbs.
  • Coach Rick Trickett reportedly picked on Phillips constantly.
  • Trickett belitted Phillips and told him he was not a lineman anymore but was only still on the team because of his Letter of Intent.
  • Phillips says he is confident he will be eligible to play this season.


  1. Well if that's true then that's not cool....but he better move his butt or he will have issues at Auburn as well. I think it will all work out! WDE

  2. Rick Trickett has a history of problems with players...see Hardrick at FSU and Cole Cubelic at Auburn...

  3. From your previous article: "Phillips originally was committed to Tennessee, ended up at FSU but now has picked Auburn over Alabama and Arkansas."

    I hope he has made up his mind and will get into being an Auburn Tiger. Training is difficult, but no one has to endure that kind of verbal abuse. I applaud him for deciding not to take it. Kinda like getting a divorce from an abusive spouse.

    An ego is a good thing. But I don't want him to keep moving from school to school if the going gets rough. Honor your commitments.

  4. Panda he has only moved once. The verbal commit to Tenn is a non-issue. you know that commits dont matter until that sign that LOI. Phillips will do just fine here at AU, and maybe he and Coleman can convience Robinson to come here also. But someone will have to play guard.

  5. Yeah Phillips cancelled on UT after Phil got the boot...

  6. i really hope having this kid and Daren Bates on the team, along with Shon Coleman having committed....Damien Robinson would be all but ours. If they can get him to commit that would be huge! Get that Olive Branch offensive line pipeline