Friday, July 17, 2009


Hey guys I have not had access to a computer a lot of today. Here is everything:
  • Michael Dyer told an Arkansas radio station that Auburn has a "really good lead". He confirmed he and Dakota Mosley WILL visit Auburn Sunday. He says a decision will likely come before the season. Tennessee and Arkansas trail Auburn.
  • More players that will be on the Plains include Calvin Smith, Juan Correa and Ravonne Carter.
  • Antonio Goodwin will be in Auburn this weekend also.
  • I would expect our next commitment to come from Demetruce McNeal. It could easily occur this weekend.
  • I am hearing that Garrison Smith has committed to UGA.
  • There are whispers of more attrition on the team. No names have circulated.
  • New Rivals rankings coming out the 20th.


  1. Dyer is a great kid and would be a bigtime player for us. I believe he's coming to the Plains. NOW LET'S GET SOME OFFENSIVE LINEMEN!!! :) I also believe that Ahmad Dixon could change his mind about uh Baylor....

  2. Oh and I am hearing Lattimore will visit Rutgers next week...interesting..

  3. Why is it interesting that Lattimore is visiting Rutgers?

  4. Out of all the news, I'm probably the most excited about the new rival rankings.

    Great work Beaver.

  5. God I wish Dyer would commit. The kid is one hell of a tailback. In my opinion he is the best this class has to offer at running back. Also a 5* running back would almost certainly help Auburn's o-line recruiting.

    It would also relieve some tension that has built up among the Auburn faithful in the past few weeks.

    That said, he's probably not going to announce his decision anytime soon.

  6. Lattimore is gonna take all his visits for sure....but Rutgers? Come on....ugh....

  7. If you want all the news from this weekend since Beaver won't be around a computer visit and keep a check on the message boards AUSportTalk will have all the news as it breaks

  8. Beaver, have you been able to check out campus today? Lot's of activity i hope

  9. Well one thing is that Corey Grant showed up today. That's great news!!!!!!!!!!!