Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It has been confirmed that Waco, Texas Baylor commitment Ahmad Dixon will be in attendance of this weekend's camp. Dixon is a four star on Rivals and reportedly has close ties to Lache Seastrunk. Dixon has already changed his commitment one time, from Texas to Baylor.

ALSO: Hearing rumors that Trovon Reed could actually be coming this weekend...will let you know...anyone have confirmation? I guess it is true from the ITAT article...


  1. I assume you are referring to the interview where it mentions a few players are riding together to AU this weekend? I have not read the interview but I heard about it. Ask a member of ITAT. They should know.

    I hope like crazy that is true. That would be FANTASTIC.

  2. Ahmad Dixon? never heard of him until now. Interesting....

    i wish i could help with Reed but i get most of my info from you

  3. Dixon was interviewed by Scout's. He said he is coming to the AU camp with Reed and Seastrunk. He doesn't know if there will be time to stop by LSU's camp on Sunday. The three are friends and have talked about playing together at the college level. He said that Reed and Seastrunk wanted him to come and see the campus, the facilities and meet the coaches.

  4. Anon at 4:53, That is GREAT news. Sounds as if Reed and Seastrunk are recruiting him for AU. I hope all three of them, and Dyer commit this weekend.

  5. that would be EPIC

  6. I hope that these guys are not going to make it to the LSU camp. I know several LSU people that think both of these kids are going to LSU and that Auburn is getting played.

    I will tell you this - if Lache is "playing" AU he is doing a good job. All signs point to him going to Auburn. At this point if he chose another school it would be a shocker.