Monday, July 13, 2009

The Most Powerful People In The SEC

The Orlando Sentinel has published this list of the top 20 most powerful people in the SEC:

1. Mike Slive, SEC commissioner
2. Nick Saban, Alabama football coach
3. Jeremy Foley, Florida athletics director
4. Urban Meyer, Florida football coach
5. Tim Tebow, Florida quarterback
6. Jimmy Sexton, agent
7. John Calipari, Kentucky basketball coach
8. Paul Finebaum, newspaper columnist and talk-show host
9. Michael Glazier, attorney who defends schools vs. NCAA
10. Paul W. Bryant Jr., Alabama booster
11. Pat Summitt, Tennessee women's basketball coach
12. Chuck Gerber, SEC TV consultant on ESPN deal
13. S. Daniel Ponce, Florida booster and Orange Bowl committee president
14. Don Leeburn, Georgia booster
15. Steve Spurrier, South Carolina football coach
16. Bobby Lowder, Auburn booster
17. Billy Donovan, Florida men's basketball coach
18. Frank Broyles, former Arkansas football coach/athletics director
19. Rogers Redding, NCAA secretary-rules editor and SEC coordinator of football officials
20. Lane Kiffin, Tennessee football coach



  1. This is old. We need updates on Auburn.

  2. I cannot post anything if nothing is going on...

  3. easy dude -- there's not always something happening at AU. beaver is doing us a favor with this website, pretty sure he's not making a killing (yet).

  4. I could start making stuff up :D haha just kidding...

  5. I find it odd when a coach (or a coach's son) can command a position of power at a university. It's like what Chris Rock said about Shaq being rich, but the guy who signs Shaq's checks being wealthy. A coach is an employee of the university. Unless he gives back a huge portion of his salary to the university (as JoePa does), why should he have anything to do with calling shots at the university, outside of his football related duties? It's like letting Britney Spears run Sony Records!

  6. Lane Kiffin on the list over Les Miles is an absolute joke.

  7. Tim Tebow should be #1. He controls everything.