Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Few Quickees

  • Another article has come out on Rivals regarding Michael Dyer. Dyer reiterated that Auburn was his leader. The other two schools he mentioned had a chance to catch Auburn were Tennessee and LSU. Again, the word "Arkansas" did not leave his mouth. He is very seriously trying to make a decision before the start of his senior season.
  • I was listening to Sports Call today and they brought up an interesting fact while talking about our thin defense. Apparently, 2008 signee Deron Furr is set to start at safety this season for Memphis. He was also their spring defensive MVP. And everyone said he did not want to play defense at Auburn...
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  1. with storm johnson (both bigger backs) already committed to LSU and the two highly ranked RBs UT signed in Feb, you gotta like our chances.

  2. Dyer will commit to Auburn on 7/18.....

    Mark it down.......

  3. I think he is ours. Gus is a legend in Ark HS circles. I want Gus to sign the 4 recruits that Shiloh Christian has in 2011. DT Samuel Harvill can bench 515 lbs, Squat 500 lbs, and put 225lbs 64 times in a row. Reminds me of Josh "Stump" Thompson (who should be playing on Sundays).

  4. LS, CG, and MD are the big 3 backs aus after. This is what I dont want. For the other 1or 2 to look elsewhere if 1 or 2 commit. Particularly CG. If LS and/or MD commit soon, I dont want him at ua. Id rather him go to UF. Hopefully he ranks his schools: AU, UF, UA.
    Wait Ive just confused myself and gone cross-eyed
    Sorry, I know thats confusing.

  5. Actually Anon 10:39pm that makes perfectly good sense and I agree that I would rather see Grant at UF than UA. That said, I think there is room for all three LG, MD and CG. We will see shades of that this year with Fannin, Tate and McCalleb. If Gus makes it work, then I like our chances.

    Anon 7:23pm I think any team with Eddie Gran as the RB coach has a shot with any RB. Dyer could be swayed by him just as Brown and Oku were. The article on the Tenn rivals site says that competition is not a factor for Dyer. I still think he is ours at the end of the day.

  6. Harvill is only 6 ft tall 245 lbs, with a 5.1sec 40. Not exactly prime DT size. Could be an old school fullback if he is quick enough.