Monday, July 6, 2009

Mack Article From "The State"

Eric Mack seems to be getting sick of recruiting like a lot of recruits nowadays. It appears this South Carolina star could turn into an Alabama state battle. The two official visits he says he will take for sure are Auburn and Alabama. He has previously named Auburn as his leader but seems to have backed off of that a bit. Auburn, Alabama, South Carolina and Clemson appear to be his top choices. Also, an interesting note I learned from this article is he has a one year old daughter...this kid must be incredibly stressed.

Mack has previously said he will hold off until Signing Day to commit. His mother says she does not want him to decommit so she wants him to think this process out and know that where he commits is where he wants to be. His coach wants him to make the decision before the season begins so he can focus on winning. It's late I'm exhausted, sorry if this didn't make sense. I'm going to bed. Read the whole article here.


  1. I would never judge you bro. You have one of the best sites on recruiting around. I thank you, and enjoy your insight... Keep up the good work.
    War Eagle...

  2. Wellllllllllllll....Blackmon had a kid and we saw how that turned out. Having a kid and recruiting the player isnt exactly the best. Especially for a lineman, with that kid and probably a nagging girlfriend/wife, they will want to split early for the NFL.

    That being said, I would love to have Mack here. I LOVE watching his film. It looks like he really has fun out there, smashing kids around.

  3. I'm just wondering when all these "fantastic" visits are going to result in some more commitments?

  4. Also, with regard to Mack, it stands to reason he would want to stick closer to home if he has a child. JMO :-(