Sunday, January 25, 2009

Myles Wade Off The Market

For a while, rumors swirled that Auburn may have had a shot to sneak in and steal big four star defensive tackle Myles Wade but those have been squashed after Texas Tech's assistant coaches visited him in house today.

Wade has been committed to the Red Raiders but looked to possibly been wavering on that decision. Tonight, however, he assured coaches Ruffin McNeil and Dennis Simmons that he is sticking by his commitment.

Wade got late interest from the Tigers after the acquisition of Ted Roof as defensive coordinator. Wade does not currently have an offer from Auburn. Wade then will likely cancel this weekend's visit to Auburn.


  1. Be careful who's photo you use. We pay for this stuff you know. I would suggest you consider not taking whatever you want off the web. It can bite you later on.

    Wade likely would have committed to Auburn but they never took the time to come and see him and that of course sent a message to him.


  2. what exactly are the rules to that? curious I was wondering...