Monday, August 10, 2009

Morning Practice Notes

I know this is slacking today but it has been a busy day for me. This is basically just the big points from today:
  • The Tigers wore full pads Monday morning.
  • Trooper Taylor praised Neiko Thorpe today on defense.
  • D'Antoine Hood has moved from safety to cornerback.
  • Tim Hawthorne seems to be tutoring DeAngelo Benton.
  • Tyrik Rollison seemed to be off to a slow start with the offense but now appears to be learning it quickly.
  • Trooper Taylor named the top 3 wide receivers as Terrell Zachary, Darvin Adams and Montez Billings, in no order.


  1. Think you mean from cornerback to safety.

  2. I remember reading that Tyrik had slow start in learning the offense for US Army All Star Game. The last few days of practice everything finally clicked for him and as we all know he was a standout All-American in that game.

  3. I wouldn't be too shocked if Tyrik was announced as the backup. I think Todd wins the job today.

  4. I think we should redshirt Tyrik.....let's not waste a year. If he is not the starter then redshirt him.