Monday, August 17, 2009

Auburn To Launch "Documentary Style" Football Show

Auburn ISP and Authentic Films is producing a show titled "Auburn Football: Every Day..." It will document the team from the first practice throughout the entire 2009 season, debuting on September 4th. The show will be broadcast on CSS and streamed on

The show will air either Friday nights or Saturday mornings. Leading up to Sept 4, fans can go to to view webisodes which will be posted periodically.


  1. More notes:

    -30 mins long
    - "I think it will give our fans a true sense of what it is like on a daily basis for the coaches, players and staff as we build a foundation for this program" - Gene Chizik

  2. Just a thought: Friday night is high school football night. Isn't that the core audience for this thing? High school guys who are playing football. 'Cept they'll be at the game when it's on.

    And Saturday morning is ESPN Game Day.