Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Few Notes

  • Tyrik Rollison continues to get a ton more snaps than Neil Caudle.
  • Malzahn says he is not ready to name the backup and the race is ongoing.
  • Terrell Zachary will be back soon.
  • Ted Roof is confident we will have most linebackers back for the first game.
  • More to come hopefully.


  1. At what margin do you think we pull starters in the first game? I'm scared of another PPL incident.

  2. I think the LA Tech game will not be as easy as most think...I have the same feeling I had before the USF game in 07...scary

  3. I agree Beaver. La Tech has a very experienced team with proven QB. That game will be tough indeed.

  4. I am not usually given to pessimism. But the linebacker situation has me very concerned right now. My enthusiasm for the offensive progress we have made is being tempered by attrition to our defense.

    I would also like to know the cause of these injuries. How did the injury occur. I know privacy laws prohibit disclosure, but there have been an inordinate number of injuries at Auburn for the last few seasons. We are not playing on the crappy intramural field now, so that variable has been eliminated. We are not playing in the heat of the day, likewise eliminated.

  5. Crappy shoes from Under Armour.