Friday, August 21, 2009

Notes From Chris Low

  • SEC blogger Chris Low has spent the last couple of days on the Plains.
  • He says he feels Gene Chizik is not as guarded as he had heard and had a very comfortable sit down interview with him.
  • He says he will have a piece on Chris Todd coming out next week sometime. He was very impressed by Todd and seems to like Todd's story and journey.
  • He also says he sees Tyrik Rollison playing some this season. An unnamed Auburn coach said Rollison is everything they could ask for in this offense.
  • He also gave a shoutout to Niffer's.
  • That's all for now, when the Todd article comes out I will post a link.


  1. I'm glad to see a shoutout for Niffer's. I was surprised that they weren't selected for Todd's taste of the town

  2. I'm with mrdude on Niffer's! Great place!

  3. I was a student at Auburn when Niffer's opened - great food! I believe the building was the old Western Sizzlin if memory serves me correctly. I try to eat at Niffer's whenever I get back to visit.

    Good news on Rollison...need some OL to block for him and the entire backfield. War Eagle!

  4. I thought they didn't do the fish bowls anymore.

  5. It's been a year since I've been! say it ain't so! I know ABC cracked down on some restaurants I heard Tino's won't so margarita pitchers anymore or something?

  6. I just graduated and as of the spring and summer semesters, they were no longer doing the fish bowl. Needless to say everyone was pretty upset.

  7. Taste of the Town should have gone to Byrons. I remember when they used to have 2 sandwiches for $3(I think?) one day a week. I think I ate 2 Byrons chopped on the block and Funyuns for about 6 months straight once a week.

    By the way, there's a really good Q&A with Chizik on the ESPN sec blog.

  8. I've always wondered why Taste of the Town never went to Momma G's. I know it is a chain now, but the original is in Auburn, right? Momma G's has always seemed like the obvious place to me.

    Also, I think year befor last they did do it at Byron's.