Friday, August 14, 2009

Beasley Update

Vic Beasley chose Clemson over Alabama.


  1. come on know alabama didnt REALLY offer beasley. otherwise he would have chosen them. duh.


  2. "I believe Alabama had a commitment problem. I know they turned down Ladarius Owens and I didn't want them to turn me down. I didn't want to take that chance. In the end, I knew Clemson was the right place for me. I love Clemson and its the only place for me.".... Beasley quote from Clemson rivals.

    Very strange

  3. Thank God for small victories.

  4. Maybe Clemson was telling Beasley he was going to be left out like Owens. No way in hell, bamer hasn't given LO a commitable offer. I just don't understand the lack of interest with Beasley. Bev, were the coaches not high on him? Or does he just not like AU?