Friday, August 21, 2009

RB Arrested

Eric Smith has been arrested for disorderly conduct. Smith was arrested at 1:42 am at an Auburn hotel. No details were immediately released but the Press-Register is reporting Smith was sober and did not resist arrest. More to come as more details are released...


  1. Geez way to give Bammers ammo for us now. I guess we are even now.

  2. Disorderly Conduct is a wide open charge. It can be as "serious" as scuffling or as innocuous as just arguing loudly, like causing a disturbance.

    The good news is he was not intoxicated. No resisting arrest. Those are actually charges with some meat on their bones.

  3. Chizik is going to lay the hammer down on this guy, he cut players for smaller things then being arrested.