Monday, August 17, 2009

A Few More Notes On Delaine

  • He now has a Rivals page. His profile is here.
  • He says he was in and still is in shock about the offer.
  • He has only played one year of football. Great upside.
  • Says one reason he is transferring schools is because Linden has great tutors that can help pull his GPA up.
  • Said he was also getting a lot of attention from Georgia, Tennessee, Florida, UCLA and Ole Miss.
  • I feel he is a very solid verbal even if he picks up other big name offers.


  1. Here is what someone who apparently knows a lot about this kid said:

    Here is what I know about the kid. He is 6'5" and weighed 227 when he came to Auburn a few weeks ago. We have loved him for a long time now. He was polite, wore his pants up and his hat straight. He was described to me as a bigger, stronger and more physical Quentin Groves with Courtney Taylor type character and hunger to get out of the small town. Also said he runs like a GD deer, jumps like a GD gazelle and hits like a GD truck. One coach said "he is pretty" and has an NFL body now.

    From a Sumter County school that is very poor and basically had little film. Coach moved to a GA HS last year. Kid went to a camp in GA and was a man among boys. Urban Meyer has sent people looking for him because the kid does not answer the phone. My understanding he buys his minutes on the phone to make calls out. His mom works at the prison in MS and transferred him to Linden.

    He will be a household name after the season starts and recruitiment will not be over until February.

    He has been at the top of our board for a while now. Sleeper on the internet but not with our staff. Grades needed to be checked on and I guess they are OK since he has committed. He is an absolute beast and an unreal athlete. Much like Derek Lykes who we loved for a long time, he just did not get internet time. Lykes will be a dominant player before he leaves AU and this kid is better. His numbers are scary.

    Welcome to your new family Mr. Delaine