Thursday, August 6, 2009


  • Khairi Fortt's father misspoke to Rivals and said Auburn had made Fortt's top six. His father was mistaken and says UGA was the final school, not Auburn. His father says he does not want to play that far from his home in Connecticut. Since UGA is so much closer...?
  • I see Fortt ending up at Penn State either way.
  • Auburn seems to have lost interest in JUCO offensive linemen since Aubrey Phillips' transfer. This means John Cullen likely is not on Auburn's radar anymore.
  • Lou Holtz told a South Bend, Indiana TV station that he does not plan to run for Congress. It was rumored Holtz would run for Congress in the state of Florida as a Republican. Holtz famously remarked in 2007 that he had a better chance of being elected Senator of Florida than Auburn beating Florida. The Tigers beat the Gators in the Swamp, 20-17.


  1. Yea Beaver UGA is alot How many more OL's do you think our staff looks to sign in this class?

  2. hard to believe AU would be turning down OL prospects right now - glad to know the cupboard isn't as bare as i thought!

    just reading jeremy richardson's profile on ESPN, sounds like they think he's a far better prospect on the defensive side of the ball, which might explain why they have him ranked outside the elite prospects in the nation, while still referring to him as a "massive" prospect. maybe the coaches will look at him at safety?

  3. Did Aubrey Phillips receive a waiver from the NCAA in order to be eligible this season? Is he dressed out practicing with the team? I know they were trying to secure Cullen for this season if he graduated in December.

  4. Burnt2-
    No way Richardson play on the D. He is a WR with TE size. He will be used like Marcus Monk was used at Ark. Ath Shawn Kitchens might end up on D, but his is being recruited as WR also.

  5. um..phillips hardly fills our apparent o-line gap. hopefully if the staff is balking on cullen they have a few other guys in mind..we're in no place to be waving off interested o-linemen.

  6. they are backing off Cullen because he is a JUCO player and having phillips now, we can concentrate on getting high school kids. This also probably means they are feeling really good about some other O line prospects.

  7. TheMayorofChillvilleAugust 6, 2009 at 11:39 PM

    I'm really surprised to see them backing off of Cullen. I thought he would definitly be one of our signees in this class. I guess they know something I don't....which wouldn't be surprising. WDE!