Wednesday, August 12, 2009

More Notes

  • Eric Smith has earned a ton of praise from Gene Chizik. I did not have this blog until January but I have said Smith will do big things for a while.
  • Chizik says they are getting very close to deciding a starting quarterback.
  • Nick Fairley has been getting reps at first team.
  • Michael Goggans says he has been taking some reps at DT.
  • A scrimmage is planned for Saturday at Jordan Hare.
  • Tyrik Rollison made a note that his name is pronounced TIE-rick, not tie-REEK.


  1. i wonder if being "very close to deciding" indicates they have a candidate who is very close to winning or they're just going to have to make the decision soon.

    and beav, is this scrimmage going to be open to fans?

  2. wareagle, I think you've hit on the sad but necessary truth with, "they're just going to have to make the decision soon."

    I think it comes down to who has the fewest negatives rather than who has the most positives.

    Kodi is the most physically strong, best runner, worst passer, and possibly even has the least comprehension of the playbook. And I'm not sure he can make the proper reads at the line for necessary audibles.

    Todd has good passing accuracy, a questionable shoulder, not great mobility, but might have the best grasp of the playbook. Some have questioned his decision-making, but I think his head is screwed on pretty good.

    Caudle, I don't know enough about him since I don't hang on the fence at practice and can only judge him from what I've seen on tv. The mark against him is a history of injury and lack of gameday experience. Other than that I have to leave it to guys who know him or who attend practice to make an informed assessment.

    Kodi is too good of an athlete to ride the pine. I don't think he should be the primary QB, though, because his negatives outweight his positives at that position. He might be okay in the wildcat with Fannin and Tate creating multiple options. Some guys have suggested he move to another position where he doesn't have to pass the ball, ever... maybe even to defense.

    Right now it has to be between Todd and Caudle for immediate playing time at QB, with the option of putting in one of the rookies later in the season after he learns the playbook and reads better.

  3. Somethings up with the QB selection process. Why give the rookies so many reps in a scrimmage unless Gus has plans for them this season? If he expected to redshirt one or both, he would focus on the guys who were going to play... but he keeps putting the freshman with the 2nd team which makes it look like they aren't serious contenders. What gives?

    And Panda, I'm not sure we can just give Todd a pass on "grasp of the playbook" thing. I can't remember ever having a positive thought about him last year. Maybe if the O lines blocks and the receivers go their spot he can be productive... maybe. I seem to recall he threw for around 10k yards in high school. Somebody confirm that. Thats more than Tyrik (TIE-rik)if its true.

  4. My two cents.....If Todd (who is a senior) starts at QB then that tells us that Tyrik will be the guy next season. If this is the case then its my opinion that Tyrik gets "some" playing time this year, just like Terrell Pryor did for OSU last year.

    Now, if Caudle is the guy then Tyrik will start the season with a redshirt. Many scenarios can play out. Who knows maybe by the 3rd game the coaches pull off Tyrik's redshirt and make him the guy. Many scenarios.

    The one thing I do know is that I am excited about the future talent of this team.

  5. Live practice update: kodi burns working as a wideout