Saturday, August 8, 2009

More Notes From Practice

  • Tyrik Rollison has reportedly had very impresses practices in the last two days. Many believe he is still legitimately in the running for back-up quarterback, if not starter. I think Rollison will redshirt, personally.
  • A quote from Chizik on Chris Todd: "You can tell he has experience at the position, and there's no substitute for that...Being out in the spring, his experience certainly helps him learn it at probably a more rapid rate."
  • Walt McFadden says the secondary is growing small beards together.
  • Chizik says the team may practice in full pads tomorrow.


  1. Why do you think Rollison will redshirt? I think Malzahn will play the most talented player available. If that is Rollison, so be it.

  2. I feel like he is not learning the offense fast and well enough for this season. I know this is a blog usually with all facts but that's just an opinion

  3. i hope he redshirts. the most "talented" player available isnt always the best candidate for the job, especially at quarterback. tyrik wont be ready come september 5th. this should be a 2 man race between caudle and todd..unfortunately burns will probably snag the job and we'll see more of whatever that was last year..

    maybe i'm wrong..but theres my 2 cents.

  4. Why does everyone blame Kodi for last year's debacle but not Todd! THEY BOTH LOOKED GOOD AT TIMES AND ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE AT TIMES!!!

  5. Tyrik getting a redshirt is not a bad thing at all. Let him get adjusted and learn Malzahns offense. He will be our QB for 4 years....and a great one at that!