Saturday, August 8, 2009

Beasley Eliminates Auburn

Vic Beasley, son of former Auburn player Victor Beasley, has elected not to follow in his father's footsteps to the Plains. Beasley has a final two of Clemson and Alabama. Beasley was going to announce tomorrow but now does not have a final decision. Beasley does not know when a decision will come out but knows it will be this week.


  1. Please let it be clemson. I can just hear the mullets now.

  2. If I understand it right, we have sorta been out of this one for a while. Isnt he like a possible safety/outside linebacker? I would think with the two still looming he isnt really much of a get for us at linebacker concidering who all we already have. The kid from atlanta from about a month ago is suposedly the only safety we are after with the posibility of hopefully stealing the Baylor kid. It just does not feel like this one was still very much in the game.

  3. I have never and will never understand this scenario!? Someone please explain it to me! 1. A guy's FATHER played at AUBURN and his son has the chance to play there also! (This would be my dream scenario for my kid and any fathers that I know. To see your son following in the old man's footsteps... what father wouldn't have to hold back the tears?) 2. Okay... say the son is the independant type... he wants to make his own mark... doesn't want to be in Daddy's shadow... wants to play at a different school! Well, that's okay, too! Father just wants his son to be happy, get an education, and do what's best for him and his future! Go play where ever you want to....... EXCEPT THE MOST HATED, SCUM-SUCKING, LOW LIFE, BIGGEST RIVAL SCHOOL THERE IS OF THE FREAKING SCHOOL THAT DEAR OLE' DAD PLAYED FOR!!! I will say right now, whole-heartedly, that my kid could go to turdville, IF AND ONLY IF, they were the only school in America that was offerring him a full-paid scholly, and even then I would want to rip my eyeballs out rather than see him put on that disgusting crimson uniform! And what about the Iron Bowl! What does Dad do then? Cheer against his alma-mater!?

    Luckily this scenario would never happen to me b/c my boy loves Auburn as much if not more than I do! I made sure of that from the time he was born!!!

    I've seen this situation a few times now (LO's uncle played for us and he's having a tough time deciding!), but when it's father/son, I just don't get it!

  4. If he doesn't want to be at Auburn...Then we don't need him. I wish him only the best.