Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Practice Notes

  • Drew Cole will miss this week with an injury.
  • Tommy Trott is not expected to play this weekend.
  • Tim Hawthorne has really been coming on the last 3-4 days and could be back soon.
  • Aairon Savage was walking without a boot today.
  • We will likely see more of Anthony Gulley this weekend.
  • Fannin, Gulley or Washington will likely be punt returner.
  • Mike Blanc is first team over Nick Fairley.
  • Antoine Carter is close to returning but is not 100%.


  1. Nick Fairley was a beast game 1. Good to see him back.

  2. Yeah what happened to Fairley anyway? Did he get injured? I mean he dominated the first game and then was on the bench the second?

  3. ummm...this is off topic, but why the heck is the AU-WVU game not one of the Yahoo Pick 'Em selections???? WTF?!?!? Did we not make the cut against primetime games like Ole Miss - SE Louisiana, or LSU - LA Lafyette???

  4. i believe yahoo pickem only does top 25..not necessarily best games..