Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News Updates

  • Eric Smith will play on Saturday. Eltoro Freeman might. Chizik said he really hoped Freeman will play.
  • Curtis Luper says he hopes to redshirt Dontae Aycock.
  • Tommy Thigpen complimented his safeties but says they need to do better tackling and says Bates should have had another pick and Etheridge missed an opportunity for one.
  • Jay Boulware has come down hard on Mario Fannin and I would not expect to see him returning kicks this weekend.
  • Curtis Luper says he wants to lower Onterio McCalebb's touches to about 15.
  • Anthony Gulley, Emory Blake, Demond Washington, Quindarious Carr, Zac Etheridge and Walt McFadden are all being considered at punt returner.
  • The offensive line appeared to be in shape on Saturday but Jeff Grimes says the linemen need to work on their conditioning.


  1. Good condensed updates, thanks beaver

  2. Yeah Beav, thanks!

    McCaleb for punt returner!

  3. Any news on Phillip Pierre-Louis? Is he not ready to be considered for some role on the team?

  4. I'd like to see what Washington can do back there.

    50% of being a good kick returner is simply catching the ball and making good decisions.

  5. Beaver?? Do you have any stats from our recruit games last weekend? I am curious to see how they did. Thanks.