Monday, September 28, 2009

Arkansas To Be A Day Game

After starting the season with five straight night games, the Auburn-Arkansas game will be during the day. The time has not officially been set but it will fall into one of these slots:
  • 11:00 AM on ESPN
  • 11:21 AM on SEC Network
  • 11:30 AM on ESPNU
  • or 2:30 PM on CBS
The other games filling these spots will be Alabama-Ole Miss, Georgia-Tennessee and Houston-Mississippi State.


  1. My guess is that we'll be the 11:21 SEC Network game.
    ESPN will pickup the UGA/UT game and CBS will pickup the $puat/OleMiss game. Houston/MSU will be relegated to ESPNU.

  2. What is the SEC network? Is that who was playing the LSU at MsSt game last weekend? FLA at LSU is also that weekend, look for CBS to pick that game. EPSN night game will probably be the Barms at OM.

  3. Please, oh please ANYTHING but ESPNU - I don't get that channel and ESPN360 blacks out the game in my area!

  4. Beaver,

    Do you have any idea the ranking of the time slots? Is there even one with so many games owned by the same network.

  5. I'm curious as to the Auburn-Kentucky game time... Keep me posted! :)