Monday, September 21, 2009

NCAA Ranks

  • Rushing: Ben Tate 9th, Onterio McCalebb 32nd. Tate leads the SEC.
  • Passing: Chris Todd 27th in passing yards/game with 241.67 and 22nd in total yards
  • Receiving: Darvin Adams ranks 28th in the nation in total receiving yards
  • Scoring: Wes Byrum ranks 18th in the nation is total scoring
  • Tackling: Josh Bynes ranks 41st in total tackles with 9.33 per game. Craig Stevens is 60th with 8.67. Stevens is 23rd and Bynes is 35th in the nation in solo tackles/game.
  • Pass defense: Neiko Thorpe is 34th in the nation is passes defended/game. Walter McFadden is 51st.
  • Punting: Clint Durst ranks 54th in punting with 40.55 yards per kick.
  • Total Rushing: Auburn still ranks 6th in the nation in total rushing despite a bad showing against WVU.
  • Total Passing: Auburn ranks 30th in the nation.
  • Total Offense: Auburn ranks 8th in the nation with 515 ypg and 11th in scoring offense.
  • Only 8 teams have not thrown an interception this season. Auburn has only thrown one.
  • Auburn ranks 11th in the nation in only allowing 2 sacks.
  • Auburn and Alabama are tied for 7th in the nation in first downs per game.
  • Auburn ranks 15th in third down percentage at 52.27%.
  • Auburn ranks 21st in redzone efficiency at 92%. 16 teams are perfect on the season, one is at 95% and another 3 are at 93%.
  • Total Rush Defense: Auburn comes in at a dreadful 82nd after the WVU game.
  • Total Pass Defense: Auburn comes in at 51st in total pass defense.
  • Total Defense: Auburn ranks 67th in the nation in total defense.
  • Auburn comes in at 3rd in the nation in turnovers gained with 10. Only SMU (14) and Ohio (11) lead.
  • Auburn is second in the nation in interceptions with 8, only behind SMU (11).
  • Auburn is 38th in sacks with 2.33 per game.
  • Auburn is 2nd in the nation in turnover margin.


  1. its not looking too good for Ted Roof it this keeps up on defense

  2. Cannot realistically expect Roof to do much better than this. Our LB is so thin that Adam Herring is a starter. I was him completely wiff on at least 2 tackles, and he is too slow to blitz. We really need that LB corp we have coming in Feb.

  3. Make no mistake, we are lucky to have CTR! Also, don't forget that our HC is one of the best D coaches in the game! They are VERY limited with what they can do b/c of our depth issues. This will only get better with the return of guys off of injury and the aforementioned recruiting help coming in next year and in the years to come! It's ok to want to be the best, but let's not forget, we are 3-0 and we did have SIX TO's against a very good WV team!