Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Quick Notes

  • The team will head to LaGrange, GA on Friday night to get away from Auburn.
  • Mike Slade will enter the game for the nickel. He will take Zac Etheridge's safety position and Etheridge will move to the nickel back.
  • There are huge banners being installed today on the outside of the south end of the stadium. The five banners have five different players: Bo Jackson, Pat Sullivan, Carlos Rogers, Zeke Smith and Tracy Rocker.
  • Some visitors for this weekend include commitment Cody Parkey, Emory Blake's father Jeff who was an NFL quarterback, and La Tech head coach Derek Dooley's father Vince, who played football and basketball for Auburn and was head coach at UGA.


  1. When they go to nickelback, will we be lined up 4-2-5, or 3-3-5? Anybody know?

  2. i would kinda like to see that is a confusing ass defense to look at as a qb

  3. Suprised that Ethridge is the nickle, instead of D. Washington.

  4. good point wok. the only reason i would suspect is that he doesnt know the defense that well yet.

  5. I'm pretty sure a big reason we installed the nickel is because of lack of linebacker depth. I remember the coaches saying at one point that they were gonna try and find ways to get some linebackers off the field for a breather.