Monday, September 28, 2009

Statistics Rankings

  • Rushing Offense - 5th Nationally, 2nd SEC
  • Passing Offense - 27th Nationally, 2nd SEC
  • Pass Efficiency - 6th Nationally, 3rd SEC
  • Total Offense - T-3rd Nationally, 1st SEC
  • Scoring Offense - 3rd Nationally, 2nd SEC
  • Sacks Allowed - T-1st Nationally, 1st SEC
  • Rushing Defense - 82nd Nationally, 10th SEC
  • Passing Defense - 34th Nationally, 8th SEC
  • Pass Efficiency Defense - 28th Nationally, 6th SEC
  • Total Defense - 41st Nationally, 8th SEC
  • Scoring Defense - 69th Nationally, 10th SEC
  • Sacks - T-31st Nationally, 5th SEC
  • Tackles For Loss - T-59th Nationally, 7th SEC
  • Net Punting - 102nd Nationally, 10th SEC
  • Punt Returns - 111th Nationally, 11th SEC
  • Kickoff Returns - 84th Nationally, 10th SEC
  • Turnover Margin - T-5th Nationally, T-1st SEC


  1. Well we are lightyears and a few galaxies away from where we were last year. We must play better D against Tenn even though they are inCrompitant. Also Beaver what about Akeem Cunningham? He's a recruit that looks good. You got anything on him? Thanks!

  2. He will take an official visit for the Iron Bowl...he's pretty much ours if we want him/have room for him...

  3. We had about 6 non-quals last signing class. ..Doesn't that mean we can sign 3 JUCO to last years class (if they enroll in January) and sign 25 more guys and still be under the 28 limit?... I hope Coach Chizik has stopped the practice of recruiting non-qualifiers (aka the CTT special).... If Dinky can get that dumbass Eddy Lacy into Bamr, we should be able to get all of our signees in as well.

  4. Hey Beaver, would you mind posting links to some of the polls out there so Auburn fans can support the team? Here are a few I have found:


    Thanks and War Eagle!!!

  5. WokDontRun, I don't think we need to worry as much about the 25 signee rule as we do the 85 scholarship rule. Though we're about 10 scholarships under the limit right now , I think we only have about 11 seniors so we may only have 20-22 scholarships available for next year.