Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Depth Chart Released!

Sorry guys I have been in class! Here is a look at the depth chart...freshman Daren Bates will start...
  • Pos. 1st, 2nd, 3rd
  • QB- Todd, Caudle, Rollison
  • RB - Tate, McCalebb
  • HB - Fannin, Douglas, McKenzie
  • TE - Trott, Lutzenkirchen, Wisner
  • WR 1- Zachery, Burns
  • WR 2- D. Adams, Benton/Blake
  • LT - Ziemba, Cooper
  • LG - Isom, Bostrom
  • C - Pugh, Eddins
  • RG - Berry, Sullen
  • RT - McCain, Smith
  • DE 1 - Goggans, Ford
  • DE 2 - Coleman, Eguae
  • DT 1 - Ricks, Clayton, Lykes
  • DT 2 - Blanc, Fairley
  • OLB 1 - Freeman, Herring, Christopher
  • OLB 2 - Stevens, Evans
  • MLB - Bynes, Gaston
  • CB 1 - Thorpe, Washington
  • CB 2 - McFadden, H. Adams
  • S 1 - Etheridge, Slade, Hood
  • S 2 - Bates, Cole, Bell
  • PK - Byrum, Hull
  • P - Durst, Shoemaker
  • PR - Fannin, Gulley
  • KR - Zachery and McCalebb


  1. You forgot:
    *LS - Josh Harris, Bailey Woods
    *H - Clayton Crofoot, Neil Caudle

    Also, when did John Douglas move past Gabe Mc? I haven't heard much out of him for a while!

  2. 3 questions

    When should we expect Carter, Hawthorne, and Pybus back?

    Any word on Phillips?

    Is Auburn going to re-recruit Taikwon Paige?

  3. Also while I'm at.

    Where is Carr?
    Pierre Louis?
    Winter? Do you see Winter transferring?
    Also when do you expect McNeil back?
    Sorry Beaver I am just excited.

  4. First let me point out that Gene Chizik is very very quiet on injuries...We probably will not see Carter back this week, Hawthorne still has not been practicing but last I heard he was doing well on recovory but was expected out 8 weeks at most and that is this Thursday so hopefully he will practice this week and be back for WVU, Pybus only had a concussion but was not wearing pads last week...we will see today if he is practicing, Phillips will likely redshirt while his situation is worked out, I am not sure about Paige...he wants to come in in January...PPL just has not had enough time back at practice to earn a starting spot...everything has been quiet on Carr and Winter...Mike McNeil is expected back soon-ish...sorry everything is so quiet that that is the best I can do for ya!

  5. Great to see John Douglass is still on the team. He's a 6'1" 240 lb. true FB and no one has mentioned him since Eric Smith's arrest and limbo. Who's gonna be our power back? Hello! McFly...anyone there? We've got a damn 240 lb. FB...seems obvious to me.

  6. He's one of those St. Thomas Aquinas kids that we won't see anymore :/ we used to have the hook up with STA and now they're like number one in the nation...

  7. STA has been elite for a while now. We never had a "hook up" because in the end all of their top players (see: Major Wright, Leonard Hankerson, Sam Young, Marcus Gilberts etc.) ended up at an instate power, save for Young ending up at ND.

  8. Well...Byrum, PPL, Douglas...we had a good thing going at one point..

  9. Douglas is from Augusta. Thompson was from STA. Thanks Beaver for the answers. I was just curious about certain names that were not on the depth chart.

  10. Yes, that's correct. John Douglas is form Augusta, GA, not St. Thomas Aquinas.