Wednesday, August 5, 2009


  • Commitment Chad Slade took an official visit to Auburn today.
  • All recruits are encouraged to visit a practice and all games will be open for recruits.
  • The ESPN 150 has been released and Antonio Goodwin and Shaun Kitchens are on there. Goodwin comes in at 23rd and Kitchens at 99. Michael Dyer is rated the top running back.
  • Today was the first practice.
  • Auburn released an updated roster and Philip Pierre-Louis was missing from it. No word yet as to why.
  • Trotter and Hawthorne watched from the sidelines.
  • Montez Billings, Chris Todd and Cam Henderson were not seen early on in practice. Still awaiting word on them. Probably lifting weights. UPDATE: All three are now practicing.
  • Mike McNeil was dressed out but not participating.
  • Robert Cooper is listed as a tight end.
  • Practice was delayed due to rain.
  • More to come....


  1. Might as well admit it now. Trotter is a HUGE bust. (Maybe the biggest ever at Auburn to play out his entire career) How in the hell he made the Mackey watch list will be one of the biggest mysteries in sports for those who follow sports closely. I guess he gives a good interview at least.

  2. I believe you are getting Trotter and Trott confused...

  3. So Beaver I am hearing Albert and PPL were no shows today? What do you think the deal is?

  4. Albert is gone. PPL may be.

  5. PPL is on the team still. is reporting so. Albert is off the team.

  6. Just looked at the slideshow from practice on I noticed that Tyrik and Kodi do not grip the laces on the football. While, Chris and Neil do. Wondering if this has anything to do with problems in accuracy we saw from Kodi.

  7. Tyrik was very accurate in HS so I dont know if that is a tell-tell sign or not.

  8. You dont HAVE to grip the laces on the ball. Usually gripping the laces help you to put spin on the ball when you release it.

  9. Laces or no laces probably have very little to do with Kodi's inaccuracies in the past. A lot of accuracy has to do with footwork. If you've ever watched him play then you know that half, if not more, of his throws are thrown outside the pocket where footwork and balanced throws go out the window. Therefore, bigger and better o-line, as well as a competent OC should help Kodi's case A LOT!!