Monday, August 3, 2009

Top SEC Champs Since Expansion's Chris Low picked the five best SEC champion teams since the expansion in 1992.
  • 1992 Alabama
  • 1996 Florida
  • 1998 Tennessee
  • 2004 Auburn
  • 2008 Florida
Low picked the 2004 13-0 Tigers although they never had a chance to play for the title. There were three National Champion teams he picked Auburn over: LSU (2003), Florida (2006) and LSU (2007).

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  1. 1992 Alabama & 1996 Florida were scary good

  2. UT 98 wasn't close to our 04 team. I still have ill feelings about the 98 Auburn/UT game. They scored 17 in the first quarter for a 17-9 win. One of those was a 90 yd defensive td on a bad pitch. We also got stuffed on 4 downs on the goal line later in the game...ugh. I've never left a game feeling like we gave one away more than I have that one.

  3. In my opinion (and many others), Auburn won a share of the National Championship in 2004.