Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Coleman and Jackson To JUCO

Terrance Coleman and Josh Jackson did not qualify and will go to junior college.

ALSO: Philip Pierre-Louis will be back with the team when school begins the 17th.

UPDATE: Coleman will go to Copiah-Lincoln in Mississippi and Jackson to Coffeyville in Kansas.


  1. Well I hate to hear that about TC and JJ... we could use them in the trenches.
    I hope that everything with PPL gets straightened out. He got a lot of hype going in to last year, I hope that his injury didn't put him behind mentally as well as physically...
    and finally, Beav, are we waiting on word about anyone else? If my count is correct that should be it (if Bates FB report holds to be true of course).

  2. Yeah as long as Bates is correct I believe that is all of them...also I realize that Know A Signee died recently and I will pick that back up soon!

  3. Thanks!! You're great, keep up the good work.