Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Target Reed Out 2-4 Weeks

Auburn target Trovon Reed will miss 2-4 weeks with a slight tear in his left MCL. No surgery will be required according to his head coach. He was injured in the first quarter of his game on Friday.


  1. Jerry at www.warblogeagle.com posted this-

    But the whispers I’ve seen suggest Auburn fans are getting a little more confident with Reed, and lo and behold they’re not the only ones expecting Reed to choose Auburn when all is said and done:

    Wide receiver Trovon Reed (Thibodeaux, La./Thibodeaux) will sign with Auburn. The word in Louisiana on Reed is that it’s a battle of Tigers between Auburn and LSU and that the fans that yell “War Eagle” will be happier than the fans that yell “Geaux Tigers” on national signing day. It’s not like Louisiana isn’t loaded with receivers in the next recruiting cycle (Jarvis Landry comes to mind), so LSU will be fine. It could be a huge pickup for Auburn, though, given the need for playmakers in the passing game.

    That’s one of ESPN guru J.C. Shurbutt’s “Twelve predictions for ESPNU 150 prospects,” and if it’s hardly binding, that the battle is even close enough for a high-profile recruitnik like Shurbutt to believe Auburn could come out on top is encouraging.


  2. I hope he knows what he's talking about. I do wonder though why all these so called "sure things" don't go ahead and commit and draw some big ole linemen to protect them, especially since they allegedly know where they're going.

  3. ...because there are no sure things...these kids haven't made up their mind half of the time when people are speculating who they will choose. Until they decide, you just don't know...