Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Wrap Up

  • Michael Dyer has made up his mind and will make his announcement on November 6th, according to He has decided between Alabama, Auburn, Ole Miss, Tennessee and Arkansas. I am expecting him to commit to Auburn. He will take all five official visits after his commitment. His game will be on ESPNU that night.
  • AuburnUndercover tells us Dyer needed only 28 more yards coming into his game Friday to break the Arkansas career rushing record. He broke it on his fourth carry of the game with a 22 yard TD run.
  • AUC also reports that Marcus Lattimore will take his official visit this weekend to Auburn.
  • Just about every state media outlet has reported that the team and Gene Chizik are behind Chris Todd and Todd will start this weekend against Ole Miss.
  • A reminder that this weekend's game is the "Navy Nightmare" so fans in attendance are asked to wear navy.


  1. Yeah...fixed it...put the wrong month...sorry folks

  2. I'm gonna tell you one thing folks. I'm not down on the Tigers. I don't believe it's the coaching either because we don't have any depth at alot of positions. We are recruiting well! Todd is playing better teams now but one thing is he needs to get rid of the ball and step up in the pocket more. We also need to run the ball more against Ole Miss. We can beat them at home to stop this streak. WDE

  3. I agree phillydelic...
    Auburn's season is far from over, and we can still end up with a decent bowl invite.
    I would love to shut up the rumors of division among players and coaches I've read on comments.
    Thanks Beaver for all you do. I really enjoy this site.

  4. I don't read anymore. Mainly b/c there are too many bammers hanging out on there and they love to stir the pot. But, most of the time, the Auburn fans on there are well ignorant to what is really going on with the football team. Beaver and some of the others out there really know what's going on... I'd rather listen to them and avoid the negatives. WAR EAGLE!!

  5. Beaver what is your gut feeling on Trovon Reed? I saw where he is planning on announcing November 13th. I felt alot better about him before the LSU game (which he attended). Thanks.

  6. Dyer has pushed his announcement back again so the rumors say. Beaver anything to worry about here??