Wednesday, October 28, 2009

An Open Letter From SGA President Jacob Watkins


I heard a story yesterday that I felt is worth sharing with you all. In the heat of the battle against LSU on Saturday, Kodi Burns took a shot to the chin that cut open his lip and knocked out two of his teeth. Kodi came to the sidelines with the teeth in his hand. The trainers sewed his mouth up, wiped off the blood and Kodi went right back in the game and ran the ball as hard as ever. He never quit.

The game was a tough, tough loss, but none of our players ever quit. They scored their only touchdown of the night on the last play of the game.

One thing I noticed was that the LSU student section got there early, stayed late and made a lot of noise until the very end. They made the difference for their team.

We play Ole Miss on Saturday in a game that we need to win to become bowl-eligible. Between now and Saturday, you might see signs or stickers that simply say "11:21, be the difference." We had those signs and stickers made to remind all of you that kickoff is early on Saturday. It's at 11:21 a.m and you need to be there to "be the difference." We need to get there early, stay late and be loud to show our team we are behind them no matter what.

This season is not even close to being over. There are some big games left that we can win, but we need your help to give our team the home-field advantage that Jordan-Hare Stadium has always been known for!

11:21. Get there early. Stay late. Be loud. Be the difference.

War Eagle!

Jacob Watkins
Auburn University Student Government Association President


  1. Were they able to replant Kodi's teeth? I have heard that dentists can repleant teeth if too much time has not lapsed between when they were knocked out.

  2. i am so sick of hearing people talk about how our team gave up or how they aren't playing hard. who the hell are you to talk? did you or are you currently playing for auburn? i highly doubt that. this team has no depth whatsoever and our players are on the field for 60 minutes. please come down to the plains and ask if you can be a walk-on if you think you can do better.
    WDE!! Auburn is going to be fine. I hate to use the word "process" but we are moving in the right direction.
    shit...hope i don't sound like ricky's rant

  3. Update on Kodi's teeth. According to the TV show Auburn Football Every Day, Kodi had two of his lower front teeth broken off. He found the pieces and they will be glued back onto the stumps after the swelling goes down and his dentist performs root canals.