Saturday, October 10, 2009

Arkansas Game Stats And Figures

  • Auburn drops its first game of the season. It was also Auburn's first day game of the season. Auburn has dropped their last 5 daytime (including a 4 PM kickoff) FBS games.
  • Coach Gene Chizik goes to 10-20 on his head coaching career and 5-1 at Auburn.
  • Ben Tate led the game in rushing with 184 yards on 22 carries (8.4 YPC) and 2 touchdowns. The big stat is his fumble inside the Arkansas 5 yard line. Tate also had a long of 60 with his long touchdown run in the third quarter.
  • Chris Todd was 15 for 28 for 133 yards (4.8 AVG).
  • Auburn's 375 yards is their least on the season. It is also their first game being held under 400 total yards.
  • Auburn's scoring streak of 20 straight quarters was snapped by a scoreless first quarter. Last season, Gus Malzahn's Tulsa offense had scored in every quarter before the fourth quarter of Tulsa's loss to Arkansas.
  • "You can't play like we did today and win in the SEC," - Gene Chizik.
  • Auburn's leading receiver was Quindarius Carr who caught one pass for 32 yards.
  • Auburn had 5 players return 8 kickoffs in the game. Mario Fannin returned 4 for a total of 84 yards. Tate, Harry Adams, McCalebb and Zachery also returned kickoffs.
  • Philip Pierre-Louis had Auburn's only punt return for 15 yards.
  • Wes Byrum was one for one on field goals; now at 11 for 12 on the season.
  • Auburn rushed for 207 yards in the third quarter while outscoring Arkansas 21-7.
  • Ben Tate passed Tennessee's Hardesty for the lead in SEC rushing. Hardesty rushed for 97 yards, lowering his average per game from 115 to 112. Tate raised his average per game from 108 to 120.6.
  • As of 6:00 PM CDT, Ben Tate leads the nation in rushing this week.


  1. war damn eagle anyway, chizik will have our tigers winning consistently very soon.

  2. It was one of those games. Hopefully we will not forget about it and use it as motivation, kind of like Florida did last year after Ole Miss. Let's take it out on Kentucky next week. War Eagle!

  3. does auburn still have the lead for dyer after todays game?

  4. I was just reading some blogs and they said dyer plans to commit to arkansas tomorrow. I hope this is just a rumor?

  5. it's just a rumor. after the game he still referred to Auburn as "we"

  6. Yeah said au num 1 plans on commiting late oct..

  7. was a bad game where everything just went wrong. We missed alot of opportunities and made alot of mistakes, Arkansas didn't make that many mistakes. I honestly believe we are the better team, and if we played them again we would win. The 3rd quarter aside from Tate's fumble was pretty strong for Auburn...we'll come alive and win a big game later in the year. Ole Miss, LSU, or Alabama...we'll get at least one of those.

  8. I just had a friend call me and tell me he heard that Eltoro recently tested positive for steriods. I would say it's just a rumor but this is the same guy that told me about Eltoro's hamstring two days before it was publicized.

  9. The loss of Pybus and Gaston has hurt us at the LB position and if we lose Eltoro, it will hurt us again. The depth issue is going to be a major factor the rest of the season and we have to be realistic about it. We need Linebackers so all you recruits out there should come on down and get some quick playing time and fun in building our program back where it should be.

  10. I've heard those rumors about Eltoro but i've been hearing more that the reason he is missing time is because he was mouthing off to coaches. I don't know if either are true because they are still rumors and havn't been proven, but i would believe mouthing off more than steroids.

  11. The quote from reliable sources is "he needs to get it together" whatever that means. The jury is definately out on him right now although we need him.