Friday, October 9, 2009


  • It has come to my attention that Rivals does not want subscriber information released on my blog. While I grab whatever information from whichever sites I can find including often posting rumors on here, I will no longer post Commitment Weekend Wrap up which I used Rivals and AuburnUndercover as a source for. I also will not have as many recruiting notes. I usually wait until information is common knowledge on message boards such as TigerDroppings and AuburnEagle anyways. I am by no means trying to post "insider" knowledge.
  • I have kind of been planning on switching using profiles from Rivals to's anyways. I would love feedback about that. I will post a poll.
  • I am looking into posting a chat online tomorrow for game time. I hope it will work out. This is the only game this season I will not be attending so I look forward to discussing it live.


  1. Beav,

    Rivals and other sites may "own" their reportage (which is to say their words), but they do not own the information. Keep on reporting. Anyone at those sites that tells you that they do not play follow the leader and report the same info that others are reporting are liars.

  2. i agree completely with roman

  3. and honestly the only reason i like rivals better than espn, is because they have a lot more auburn recruiting info.

  4. Beaver,

    I really enjoy the blog. One of the big reasons I come here is because of the recruiting news and rumors that you post. Roman is exactly correct, Rivals does NOT own the information. As long as you don't plagarize their report you can post any facts that you want. Please don't give in to their attempt to control the flow of information. That's just plain censorship and infringes on your right to free speech. Please, keep the info coming!

  5. Ditto! I like Rivals better because they update their site frequently unlike Scout. I chose to subscribe to rivals for that reason only. Keep up the good work beaver.