Thursday, January 28, 2010


  • Shon Coleman did indeed show up in Tuscaloosa for his official visit to Alabama. Coleman will also visit Miami this weekend. He has been quiet about his recruitment lately but some are starting to think he is Alabama's to lose.
  • Also visiting Miami this weekend is Jeffrey Whitaker. He will announce his decision on Monday. It is likely that Whitaker is deciding between Auburn and Georgia. I still think Whitaker signs with the Tigers.
  • Jonathan Mincy will not take any visits this weekend. He originally planned on visiting South Carolina but has decided against it.
  • All signs point to Arkansas having a slight lead for Byran Jones. Jones could make an announcement tomorrow.
  • Vic Beasley is still considering a visit to Auburn.
  • No word yet on if Markeith Ambles will visit Auburn this weekend. I believe he will and I would keep an eye on him. Auburn could definitely steal Ambles.
  • Gene Chizik will make an in-home visit to Marcus Lattimore tomorrow. South Carolina will visit him Saturday.
  • Auburn Undercover says that Lane Kiffin and Southern Cal made a late push for Joel Bonomolo but got nowhere.
  • Right now it appears D.J. Howard will not sign with Auburn but rather Kentucky or Clemson. He may visit Kentucky this weekend.


  1. damn that sucks that Coleman has not displayed the loyalty to Auburn's coaches that they have displayed to him. i hope he has the conviction to ignore saban's flash and honor his pledge to the Tigers, he'll have a great career on the Plains. War Eagle.

  2. If Coleman joins Satan and the dark forces, I say we bring back Chaz Ramsey to play defense and work on perfecting the "reverse-defensive chop block". Would that be a penalty if he was on defense?

  3. The moment Rivals upped Coleman from a 3 to a 4 star I knew he was headed to Bama. The when they made him a 5 I was positive. I think he's been playing Auburn all along.

  4. Don't take this the wrong way Beav, but for this i hope you are wrong and SportsTalk is right haha. Thanks for all the info though!

  5. If Coleman bolts to the turds this late in the game, after the loyalty the Auburn coaches have shown him, I'll lose respect for him big time. Too bad more so called "stars" don't consider their word binding like Bo Jackson to Pat Dye. Sadly, those days seem gone.