Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Updated Predictions

  • All reports point to Auburn and South Carolina being even for Marcus Lattimore. I no longer have a great feeling regarding Marcus. I will put it at 55-45 Auburn right now because I am not near as confident as I used to be.
  • All indications are that Shon Coleman has not contacted anyone at Auburn to tell them he was considering switching commitments to Alabama. At any rate, I will say there is a 60% chance he signs with Auburn.
  • I still predict Jeffrey Whitaker to Auburn.
  • I am going to predict Byran Jones to Arkansas because I have heard he is leaning there heavily.
  • I am predicting Corey Lemonier to Auburn still.
  • Markeith Ambles may visit Auburn after NSD but it looks doubtful. I think he will end up at Southern Cal or UNC.
  • I think D.J. Howard ends up at Clemson.
  • We may see some new names pop up in the next couple of days. Dimitri Orr, a defensive tackle Auburn previously recruited, could be one of those but I have heard he has academic issues. Another is UAB commitment Maurice Hayes and Stockbridge, GA defensive tackle Brandon King.


  1. Thanks for the diligent work, Beav, as always. I hope that you are right about Shon and the two L's.

  2. Thanks for the update Beav. I hope we get Lemonier, WHitaker, and Lattimore.

  3. Thanks for the update, im hoping we keep coleman then get lemonier and whitaker, lattimore would be nice but i dont think we need him

  4. FYI: Whitaker picked Auburn. This guy is going to be a leader. You could see it in his announcement.

  5. Whitaker to "The University of Auburn". God bless our coaches and everything they have done, but can they please hammer in these kids heads the correct name of the school?



  6. interesting post regarding Shon Coleman on a Bama Blog:

    "Miami could be too far from home in the end. Alabama has too much depth on the offensive line. Auburn there are no negatives. Ole Miss is close to home but there are some issues behind the scenes. Looks like he could be leaning back towards Auburn now. I would put them as the front runner!"