Sunday, February 28, 2010

True or False?

Daren Bates has moved from safety to linebacker.
  • This is TRUE. Bates has moved to outside linebacker since injured players will be returning from last year.
Tyrik Rollison has told the staff he wants to transfer.
  • This is also TRUE. Rollison's father told Jeffrey Lee of that Rollison plans to leave Auburn for Sam Houston State.
Tyrik Rollison has left Auburn.
  • This is FALSE. Rollison has not left and there appears to be a chance that he could still stay on the Plains. Some close to the situation say Rollison may be having second thoughts about the move.
Gus Malzahn is the highest paid offensive coordinator in the SEC.
  • This now is TRUE ever since Malzahn's pay raise earlier this month.
I usually only do football but: John Brady will replace Jeff Lebo next season:
  • Assuming Lebo will get the ax at the end of the season, sources have told me Brady is THE MAN our administration has their eye on. The former LSU coach lead the Bayou Bengals to the Final Four in the 2005-2006 season.


  1. Ouch! John Brady?! I sure hope not. That guy is a.) a sub-par basketball coach, and b.) a world-class jerk. I would literally stop supporting Auburn basketball if he was the coach. I wouldn't attend or watch a single game until he was gone. Here's hoping the administration thinks better of it.

  2. Getting rid of Lebo would be a mistake. The guy can coach, but he's just had some really bad luck since coming to Auburn.

  3. Brady >>> Lebo. He's actually made it to the big dance, and with a smaller team than Lebo! That's coaching, at least when compared to Lebo. How many times this season have we watched Lebo's players run the wrong play? The right play? Over 70% wrong most of the time. Well, counting those that are actually moving without the ball that is. Too often its a 3 man offense against a 5 man defense, with the two 'big' men just standing still. We watch as the 3 wing guards battle to see who can launch the best desperation 3. Bottom Line: I, along with the other 9000 absent fans from the coliseum, would actually start supporting basketball again if Lebo is replaced by Brady.

  4. while i am not sure i would want the replacement to be Brady, i definitely do not want to see Lebo back next year. i think Brady would be an upgrade, just not the kind of upgrade i would like to see with the new arena!