Monday, March 1, 2010

Big Cat Will Return

Last season Auburn made a splash with their Big Cat Weekend in which 22 of the top high school seniors in the nation visited the Plains on a vacation-style, laid back recruiting weekend. 10 of those 22 ended up signing with the Tigers.

This May, Auburn plans a sequel. While names have not been released, Auburn is expecting 25-30 top high school seniors from across the nation to be on hand for the big weekend. While some secondary NCAA violations occurred last season which caused Trooper Taylor to not be able to recruit off campus for some time and contact with some top players to be severed, the staff plans to be as careful as possible this year.

More details will likely come out over the next couple of months but last season fans were included and I would look for that to be the case again.

This year's Big Cat Weekend will take place the weekend of May 28th.

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  1. How many other programs will be copying the Tiger Prowl and Big Cat this next season? They were all laughung last season until we signed a top 5 class. Look who's laughing now! War Eagle!