Sunday, December 13, 2009

Recruiting Catch Up

I wanted to clarify for anyone what exactly is going on with the early signing period for JUCO and early graduates. Wednesday is signing day for January enrollees. Auburn is looking to sign five on Wednesday. They will all roll back to the 2009 signing class.

Jessel Curry and Craig Sanders are likely to sign on Wednesday along with current Tennessee commitment and former Auburn signee Ken Adams. Adams will make an announcement tomorrow as to whether he will stay with the Vols or switch to Auburn, which is very likely. Also, Roszell Gayden could also make a decision soon and could possibly sign with Auburn on Wednesday. Gayden is likely down to just Auburn and Cal.

Here is the latest on other top targets:
  • OL - Eric Mack - Feel good about this South Carolina commitment. Auburn is in very good shape to steal him.
  • OL - John Cullen - This JUCO lineman will probably not make a decision until close to signing day. Tennessee currently leads for Cullen but he plans to visit Auburn in January and teammate Joel Bonomolo could help pull Cullen to the Plains.
  • OL - Brandon Mosley - Appears to be down to Auburn, Ole Miss and FSU. Ole Miss is leading but Mosley visited FSU this weekend and an announcement is expected this week. He will sign in December in enroll in January.
  • OL - Laurence Gibson - Gibson committed to Clemson last night.
  • RB - Marcus Lattimore - Five star running back still has Auburn and South Carolina on top. I feel great right now about signing Lattimore in February.
  • RB - Lache Seastrunk - I am no longer expecting Auburn to have a serious chance with Seastrunk.
  • DT - Byran Jones - Arkansas is the public leader for Jones right now but I have heard whispers that Jones could be an Auburn lean. He will take an official visit to Auburn in January and could wrap him up then.
  • DT - Mike Thornton - Still an Auburn lean the last I heard but the Tigers have a lot of competition.
  • DT - Jeffrey Whitaker - Auburn in awesome shape for this stud defensive tackle. I expect him to sign with the Tigers.
  • DE - Corey Lemonier - Auburn has put themselves in good position with Corey. Right now it is a toss up between Florida, Florida State, Auburn, Tennessee, LSU and Miami.
  • LB - Vic Beasley - Toss up between Auburn and his current commitment of Clemson. Says he will talk to his parents about visiting Auburn and if he makes it down, we could steal him.
  • LB - C.J. Mosley - I would say there is a 85% chance Mosley ends up wearing crimson next season.
  • DB - Ryan White - White will take an unofficial visit to Auburn next weekend and could commit then. He is probably Auburn's top uncommitted defensive back target. White also plans an official visit for the last weekend in January.
  • DB - Rashad Knight - Visited Auburn this weekend but Auburn wants White over Knight. With Davis committing this weekend and Auburn in good shape with White, there may be no room for Knight.
  • DB - Ahmad Dixon - It is questionable right now if Auburn would take Dixon right now. Dixon also has grade issues.
  • DB - Bradley Roby - Auburn could make a move for this Vanderbilt commitment if he visits. He currently plans to take an official to the Plains on January 8th.


  1. Thanks for the update. Didn't realize the early enrollers had a December signing date. How have I missed that all these years? That's a downer about Lache. I really thought he would bring something totally unique to our offense.

  2. great info beav! appreciate it. I wonder what happened with Lache? I was really hoping to sign him.

  3. Good write up - much appreciated.

  4. i think lattimore can bring as much or more to the table as lache anyways. hopefully he'll make the wise choice come february.

  5. I won't dog Lattimore, who looks like a fine back who would make our team better, but nobody on our list brings to the table what Lache brings. He is fast and can stop on a dime. I think we need both the shifty power back (Dyer and Lattimore) and the "Reggie Bush" type of back for change of pace and to force defenses to play honest. It was clear to me that when OMac was hurt (hobbled) our offense lost something. OMac isn't a big guy and will always get hurt if we run him too much. I don't see anyone we are recruiting but Lache (and maybe Reed) who can provide depth at that position. I actually think Lache would be an upgrade since OMac doesn't do much juking. FWIW, Chris Davis appears to have some serious jukes, but he may not have the top end speed.

  6. dyer and latt can't really be called the same type back. yes, both have power..but i'd compare dyer to ronnie and latt to cadillac. neither is lache (reggie bush), but you can't have your cake and eat it too. not to mention omac, while injury prone, is pretty much that type of back, so...