Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday News and Notes

  • The Auburn team has had Sunday, Monday and Tuesday off of practice.
  • Practice will begin for the Iron Bowl tomorrow.
  • Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News has confirmed recent rumors regarding the Eric Smith case. Two other football players were involved in the incident but were not named. The plaintiff contends that two unnamed players began the altercation by punching his friend.
  • Right now bowl projections have Auburn going to the Liberty Bowl vs. Houston, Outback Bowl vs. Wisconsin, Music City Bowl vs. UNC, Chick-fil-A vs. Clemson and Cotton vs. Oklahoma State.
  • Eltoro Freeman's injury has been stated as either a concussion or a tweaked ankle. No word yet as to if he will return for the Iron Bowl and the way Chizik handles injuries, it is unlikely we will know before kickoff.
  • According to the Austin-American Statesman, USC could now be the team to beat for Lache Seastrunk but he still appears to be wide open. According to Rivals, he is NO LONGER visiting for the Iron Bowl. He will be spending time with his family for Thanksgiving.
  • New offensive line prospect Adrian Hubbard appears to be gone just as quick as he came onto Auburn's radar. He has narrowed his choices to FSU, South Carolina and Alabama.
  • According to Auburn Undercover, Jay Hughes will take an official visit to Auburn in January.


  1. is it just me or is anybody else horrified at playing Houston? they are very good this season.

  2. I think Houston would eat our lunch. But then again, their defense is even more pathetic than ours. My problem with our offense in that we have way too many negative plays. If we could learn to drive the field methodically while retaining our big play ability, we'd be an awesome sight to behold.

    At any rate, don't worry about Lache...he's playing the game. I guarantee you he'll sign with AU...

  3. Several sites indicate that Lache now has USC at the top of the list for the first time. Hell, you can't predict where these kids will wind up until signing day. I don't believe he's ours to lose any longer although he may commit to us yet. I'd just as soon have Lattimore.

  4. why do we think we are going to get Seastrunk? I know he was hot on us early, but I haven't seen much interest lately. He is much more of a media hog than Lattimore or Dyer, and where can you get more media attention than USC? If I were a betting man I'd say he does go to USC. I sure hope we get Lattimore though, that is a big old power back...he would hurt some linebackers! COME ON LATTIMORE...WAR EAGLE!

  5. I really find it funny that all this eric smith stuff comes out when the Iron Bowl is around the corner, and while the other players apparently initiated the altercation, no charges were brought against them, only Eric. BS? I think so.