Thursday, November 19, 2009

Injury Updates

  • Eltoro Freeman missed practice yesterday with a lingering injury from the Georgia game. While some news outlets have stated he had a concussion, I have been told that the more serious injury is actually an ankle injury. My sources say it is somewhat minor though and he could be back soon but that has not been confirmed by Gene Chizik. Chizik says Freeman is day-to-day.
  • Onterio McCalebb is looking good according to Gus Malzahn. The three day break seems to have been a big relief for McCalebb. Malzahn said McCalebb was playing on only one foot in the fourth quarter against Georgia.
  • Former Tiger and current Miami Dolphin Ronnie Brown is out for the season with an ankle/foot injury.


  1. Beav, remind everyone to vote for Ben in the Doak Walker poll. Ben has been in the lead the whole time. The other state running back was in 8th place as recent as yesterday. someone has really started stuffing his ballot box as just today he has moved into second place and is going to be giving Ben a run for his money soon. help Ben!

  2. Someone enlighten me why McCaleb was playing in the 4th quarter if he only had one good foot? Seriously, I'm interested in some earthshaking insight into that type of coaching strategy.

  3. Robert

    The coaches probably thought they had a better chance of beating Georgia than Alabama, so they put all their chips in and went for broke.

  4. robert, cmon man, obviously they didn't feel like onterrio was gonna get hurt worse, and that he was the best option at the time. kinda goofy to assume you have a better ability to judge who should be playing and when than the coaches on the field at the time the plays were being run, ya know? no offense.

    believe me, i'm not in love with chizik's results thus far, but we are working with a very thin cupboard at a lot of positions. i do think AU's future has a brighter outlook than what we're seeing on the field right now.

  5. Chizik and his staff have already surpassed Tubs and his staff recruiting since he's been there. A top 20 class last year and he's going to wind up with a top 10 class this year. This is going to pay huge dividends down the road and possibly as soon as the next two years. We'll be noticibly better next year but we're at least 2 years away from being a serious contender for local and national honors. Way to go!