Thursday, May 6, 2010

Region Opens Back Up

Spencer Region has "opened up" his recruitment and will explore all options to make sure Auburn is the right place for him. Region was expected to commit to Alabama in February before shocking the Tide by committing to Auburn.


  1. This kid acts like he just wants attention. He was probably ticked at Satan and wanted to show him a temporary bird and then bail back after he sent him a message. I think he's been a bammer all along and some his comments just wreaked of immaturity. With our staff, we'll do just fine without him if that's his decision.

  2. usually i hate when people say this, like we're indifferent to this kid's recruitment or something, but doesn't AU have at least two other blue chip OL's that are high on us? Brey Cook and the guy from DC? is it possible that we weren't showing Region all the love he'd gotten previously? bottom line is if Grimes thinks we need him i hope he comes back, but if they feel comfortable with other prospects then it is what it is, ya know?

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