Thursday, May 27, 2010

Frazier Nearing Decision?

Kiehl Frazier may be nearing a decision on where he will play college football. Frazier tells Mike Irwin of KFSM that he could commit to Auburn while on Big Cat Weekend. Frazier, possibly the top quarterback in the 2011 class, will visit Arkansas tomorrow but will not commit to Arkansas on his visit. He will then visit Auburn and says if he is ready to commit to Auburn, he will do it on Big Cat Weekend.

Frazier has said a commitment could come in the next two or three weeks but we could see it very soon.

I will keep you posted despite the fact I have not done many updates lately. They will be more steady.


  1. Holy crap Batman! An update!

  2. hahahahaha, nicely done robert. missed you beaver....thats what he said

  3. You're late Beav. He committed today.

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