Friday, April 30, 2010

Prowl Shut Down

Auburn was halfway through their second annual Tiger Prowl when the NCAA shut it down along with many imitations. Schools such as Georgia and Florida State had copied the act of sending up to six coaches at once to visit a recruit's high school but the NCAA has made a new rule effective immediately. Now, no more than two coaches from a school can visit a player per day.


  1. "The NCAA passed the legislation Thursday night, saying an army of coaches visiting a recruit can be expensive for colleges and doesn't really allow for real recruiting evaluation." What a crock! It's cheaper to send one Hummer than 6 or 7...

  2. Hell, we were beginning to hurt the "Midget" so he had to call his friend at the NCAA and put this to a stop. I hope our coaches just keep being innovative and find other ways to hurt him and the bammers.

  3. National

    Brian Bosworth had that one right.